A small business needs fund for several reasons such as:

  • To buy new equipment

  • To expand

  • To acquire another business

Depending on the reason, a small firm will have to be paired with an excellent provider before they fill-up the form. This form is called a small business loan lead.

Generating business loan leads in this time is the biggest challenge that business struggles with. For instance, now that we have COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses have either decided to close down or reduce their operation.

This is not a good business move. Instead, they should find innovative ways of growing their businesses while using business loan leads. It is usually said that it is easier to bring new customers to business premises than to get a loan for your business.

Knowing the challenges of Small business owners, lead junction makes it easier to generate business loan leads. Here’s what we do to help generate small business loan leads.

Understand Your Target Market

Your business doesn't just need leads. Your business depends on quality leads for its survival. That's why the first thing Lead Junction does is to understand your target customer.  We aim to come up with answers to questions like:

  • Who is your target market

  • What kind of challenges do they face in their business operation

  • What prevents them from taking business loans

  • What is the one thing that if we did well, will entice them to sign the business loan leads

Such questions help to understand your customers and their traits better. That way, we will address their desires and solve their frustration. But we don't stop there, we also vet their ability to repay your loan.

After all, there’s no point in having leads that won’t pay back the loan. Your business can go under. Since this industry is huge and the market is big, we limit ourselves to top quality business loan leads.

For instance, startups companies always want a traditional merchant cash advance because it works well with them.

Types of Business Loan Leads

A mature company or startup may need different types of loan leads. At Lead Junction, we aim to generate quality leads that match customer’s expectations. The biggest challenge people face with SBA loan lead is picking the right lead type that can match their goals. Businesses that want SBA loan leads struggle to filter the leads with the most providers.

They are several loan types and knowing which category you want, is a great start to purchasing high-quality leads. The key question you need to ask yourself is, are you choosing the right loan with regard to the type of borrower you are looking for.  In the business loan leads, here are the categories you may find:

Equipment Financing Leads

From time to time, a business may need Equipment Financing without the need of going to a traditional bank for a loan. Equipment financing has been on the rise because businesses need tools that can improve their efficiency, reduce cost, and grow their revenues. Businesses like these will always want tools like vehicles, computers, fleet, machinery, furniture, and many more. If you can help these kinds of businesses with Equipment Financing, Lead Junction can offer you the leads you want.

Working Capital Leads

A business that is in Cash Crunch may need working capital to stay ahead of its operation or competition. Our main goal is to capture and distribute leads. If your core function is helping business owners get the needed capital for operation, we can help you get quality leads starting from today.

SBA Loan Leads

If you have had a small business before, then like most founders you have relied upon alternative lenders and brokers to get the required financing. That said, we strive to have qualified business owners as leads and match them to vendors who offer quality small business loans. We vet most of these business owners and ensure they only have a credit rating score of 680+. Any lead less than 680 won't qualify to be in our databases.

The capital a small business may need will differ. At Lead Junction, we keep that in mind and strive to ensure that the business loan leads you  get from us will meet the capital needs you have. This is also part of our business loan marketing strategy we have in place.

At Lead Junction, our main focus is maintaining a unique database of business owners that will serve as prospective business loan leads. We get this unique database from multiple sources and we send them to different partners for verification. Each lead goes through the NCOA(The National Change of Address) database. That way, you will only receive verifiable and high-quality leads.

Lead Junction has continued to add more leads into the database so your sales representative will now remain with one job. Spend more time selling the services and less time hunting for leads.

Why Lead Junction?

At Lead Junction we do the hard for you, eliminate risk, and make getting new leads easy. We always refresh our database often to make sure you are getting fresh leads each time you work with us. Since we provide these leads at an affordable price, you can use them for telemarketing or direct mail so that you reap the desired profits.

The Guaranteed Live Transfer leads we have are the best solution for getting new clients or customers. All you need is to use a live transfer program to have the phones ringing in real-time. With our experts, you will be up and running with SBA leads in less than a week.

Our team can help you sort the list so that you can get the highest quality leads that you can use for your campaign to meet your marketing needs. Besides that, our team also prides itself on fishing for errors so you get verifiable leads. And if you need a list of pre-recorded calls and sales scripts to increase your closing ratio, we can also help you with that.