How to Find Telemarketing Companies For Real Estate Agents

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By Divyesh Patel

Real estate agents experiencing a hard time capturing enticing sales figures proportionate to the sums they’re investing into offline and online marketing can now partner with incomparable offshore outbound telemarketing companies for impeccable results.

Working with the best offshore telemarketing companies guarantees an improved sales graph ad expanded profits. Offshore telemarketing call centers work so as to capture sales through strategic and aggressive cold calling, as well as creating progressive relationships with both former and potential clients.

These telemarketing offshore call centers will likewise provide statistics and data alongside their expert opinions regarding conversion ratios and the online real estate sector altogether so as to comprehend the absolute requirements of the marketplace better. This will undoubtedly make most business operations a success.

Why Do Real Estate Agents Need Offshore Telemarketing Companies?

Online real estate agents contest on the basis of remarkable rental or sales figures. The most efficient approach online real estate agents can employ and capture an amplified number of clients and sales progress is to hire an expert offshore telemarketing call company.

This will assist the real estate agents to establish themselves as a credible title in the online estate marketplace. Such a proficient relation will efficiently enhance the overall sales graph and ultimately boost profits.

Today’s leading players in the real estate industry understand that keeping existing clients and future customers informed and up to date in terms of the numerous premium assets being offered is integral.

Equally integral is ensuring that they retain the existing client base. Through “welcome calling,” all this can be accomplished since real estate agents will over and over again ask their clients to point out any existing issues that they think should be rectified. All reported issues will immediately get worked on hence creating an impressive company image.

An offshore telemarketing company and call center can also be utilized for feedback calling. This will help garner feedback from the residents or renters, and all reported complications will be assessed and eliminated. This is the best approach to attain customer retention.

That said, let us take a look at how you, as a Real estate agent, can find and choose the best telemarketing companies for your business:

1. Know what you need

Prior to even starting your hunt for the best telemarketing companies, you’ll first need to own a fully formed and well-planned sales strategy.

A keen understanding of your key campaign requirements and marketing objectives is crucial before you start your selection procedure.

Once you come up with a detailed summary, it can help you attain the most of your sales campaign while all at once assisting the telemarketing firm to comprehend your requirements so they can pitch their credentials efficiently.

2. Ensure that it is the right telemarketing company for your firm

When choosing a telemarketing agency, among the main and most crucial considerations ought to be whether the agency specializes in Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing or Business to Business (B2B) marketing. This is due to the fact that marketing to consumers is an entirely distinct ball game from marketing to businesses.

In the hurly-burly of this 21st century, forecasts will only desire to learn more about a business only if they’re offered educational and relevant information. In case a telemarketing company is non-specific or unfocused, then it may perform poorly.

In contrast, in case you are a Business to Business then the telemarketing firm that specializes in Business to Business will undoubtedly understand all the needs of your clients better and will even be better equipped to point out issues regarding Business to Business products and service; which can at times be more complicated compared to Business to Consumer.

Their employees will likewise be able to respond to more technical enquiries regarding your services and will comprehend your pricing model better.

3. Consider your budget

Generally speaking, you receive what you pay for once it comes to telemarketing. Distinct pricing approaches might yield distinct results. For instance, a commission based structure typically results in a high-volume of leads, while a fixed fee structure can result in well targeted and quality leads.

In case you choose a telemarketing firm that permits a fixed-fee structure, you can precisely budget for the entire project. This is an area that is a bit more complicated to control in case you work with a commission based structure.

Regardless of the fee approach involved, ensure that you can at all times calculate the ROI (Return on Investment) the telemarketer can provide.

4. Search for experience

Having the appropriate sector experience is vital to the triumph of a directed telemarketing program and can place you at ease as long as you know that the telemarketing agency has partnered with other customers within your niche before.

Most telemarketing agencies will specialize in a certain niche, such as healthcare, technology, or even education. The more acquaintance they have with your sector and industry, then the greater the likelihood that they’ll get-off to a winning start and promptly start sending residents your way.

You can even feel free to ask whether you can peek at the biographies of the telemarketers who’ll get assigned to your project so you can affirm whether their skill set and experience matches your needs and desires.

The other step would be to ask for testimonials or recent case studies from the prospective telemarketing company, even if the customer’s specific details are concealed for confidentiality reasons.

5. Discuss feedback and reporting

After evaluating associated costs and experience, the other secret to fruitfully choosing a telemarketing firm is to converse on their means of reporting.

As a paying customer with a bestowed interest, you ought to stay up to date with every key stage of your telemarketing campaign, and you should also expect an official reporting procedure that will track the response rate and number of calls made.

The ideal telemarketing firm should agree to provide both qualitative and quantitative feedback that can give you a well-rounded perception of how the telemarketing campaign has been received.

6. Check their credentials

Ensure that you check that the telemarketing firm is a member of any appropriate professional body. In the United Kingdom, for instance, membership of the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) is a confirmation to the standing of telemarketing firms and exhibits their positions within the industry.

Members of the Direct Marketing Association have to stick to the protocols and abide by the best practices within the industry. This shows that every telemarketing agency will be responsible for their every action.

7. Assess their compatibility

When choosing a firm to handle your telemarketing affairs, you’ll need to determine whether they’re able to function as an extension of your sales and marketing team.

Firms that can execute this normally take an advice-giving approach and can exhibit their experience and how it’s possible to drive results.

They’ll also abide by a proven and defined procedure and may even provide extra services such as lead nurturing to carry projections through their purchasing journey and respond to inbound calls.

Other Benefits Real Estate Agents Accrue From Partnering With Telemarketing Agencies

  • Attaining property sales is the prime objective of every real estate telemarketing agency. When making use of the services offered by offshore telemarketing agencies, a real estate agent will grow their customer base and market potential; along with sighting their sales graph increase.
  • Each telemarketing campaign is tailored to meet the expectation and marketing goals of the client. For instance, the telemarketing company can "cold call" individuals who have just lost their homes or who have even evicted for distinct reasons. The telemarketing company will then inform and motivate them to rent or buy new homes suited to their needs and budgets.
  • Employing a telemarketing agency implies that agents are working hard, round the clock, to improve the number of your clients and their satisfaction.
  • Reports regarding the success of the telemarketing campaign are generated then sent to the respective client for evaluation so the client company can confirm that the telemarketing company went above and beyond to satisfy all needs and marketing goals.
  • Customer service, appointment setting, telesales, and sales lead generation are all necessary services offered by offshore telemarketing companies.
  • Telemarketing with an offshore firm involves lower costs compared to hiring your own in-house employees.
  • Most telemarketing firms ensure that their one time clients won’t remain one time clients. Their professional and friendly agents will stay in close contact with the renters and residents they bring into the fold, creating an opportunity to learn more regarding their wants and build a healthier relationship between them and the real estate agent.

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