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By Pratik H

Nowadays a popular way of securing your expected return on investment is finding and engaging the right potential customers. While pinpointing your prospects may sound easy at first sight, the process is actually quite technically complex and time-consuming. 

Hence, it often makes sense to use the marketing and lead generation services of experts who know very well the niche you are operating in, and can thus provide you with targeted and relevant information to maximize your exposure. 

What is more, it is often useful if those lead generation service providers can advise you about the best approach to take towards your customers following the initial contact, and help you develop an effective marketing campaign. Next to other fields, all of those findings are valid and applicable for Merchant Cash Advance Marketing.

The Merchant Cash Advance market niche provides for a range of lead generation services such as supplying real-time internet leads, live phone transfers and direct mail leads. Each of those has its specific features which are outlined below:

  • Real-time Internet Leads are web-based generated contacts which are subsequently verified by phone in order to double-check their data and ensure the reliability of the business.

  • Live Transfer Merchant Cash Leads are very similar to the above, with the exception that they are generated from entities required to fill in specific forms. The approved matches are then called for information verification by live agents.

  • Direct Mail Leads can come in the form of letters, postcards, or surveys, and are devised as informational brochures. Some companies do specialize in the design of such materials. Importantly, those are not sales leaflets but their purpose is to inform particular people of a specific problem. Naturally, the targeted segment will contain only interested stakeholders.

After deciding on the best way to approach the potential leads, the client goes on to select their preferred format from the options listed above and receives a fully customized list of businesses to interact with and sell to. 

Indeed, we are talking about real deals that can make a difference to any client’s bottom line. At the end of the day, it is the qualifying process that takes the most time and efforts so that the service provider can end up with the most productive and up-to-date lead data available. 

That is why the best companies in the field of Merchant Cash Advance Leads have special quality control policies in place, along with rigorous screening processes. At the same time, the more varied the entrepreneurial enterprises contained in the list, the better the chance for highly targeted outreach offered to their customers.

At that stage, a successful filtering process is based on several pre-requisites. For one, it is essential for the service provider to have stable business relationships with the resources of lead generation. 

That will ensure consistency and regular follow-up activities in place. Another important consideration has to do with the requirements for filtered businesses to meet strict criteria such as duration of their business in operation as well as a certain monthly revenue volume. 

In addition, it is highly recommended for the service provider to use a system of surveying the credit profiles of a significant number of businesses, which guarantees that the fits proposed to the client will be trustworthy.

On the technological side of things, the infrastructure and the capacity of the service provider are a major asset, especially in the Merchant Cash Advance Marketing field. For instance, if there are well-organized call centers gathering information about businesses nationwide, the quality of the service is certainly at a good level. 

Moreover, the availability of professionally developed proprietary software which identifies relevant Merchant Cash Advance UCCs from national databases is highly appreciated, too. 

Last but not least, another great advantage is the accessibility of the leads which ideally are available via a cloud-based secure server. This comes in handy if more than one user wants to work with the data at the same time, or if the need for accessing historical records arises.

In a nutshell, the delivery of well-timed and unique Merchant Cash Advance leads definitely requires capacity, infrastructure and know-how. Hence, it is essential to choose a lead provider with a proven track record whose potential you can tap into.

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