How to Run an MCA Lead Generation Campaign on a Tight Budget

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By Pratik H

Business owners who run a merchant cash advance business understand that attracting new clients and generating leads that will get loans from their company is essential.

But what if MCA lead generation is expensive? Or what if you are starting with a tight budget to bootstrap your business? You will need to find a better way of getting the leads instead of buying a UCC list, using paid ads, or working with a merchant cash advance lead generation provider, which will cost you a lot.

What most business owners don't know is that you can generate these leads using a minimum budget. In today's article, we want to focus on the low-cost lead generation activities you can do on a minimum budget.

Know Your Main Target

The biggest mistake people make is targeting everyone in their market. Most business people do that, and they end up not understanding why they are not getting any leads. If you want to be efficient, you need to narrow down your target and focus on it alone. 

That way, you will build authority and attract qualified leads who will convert to sales very quickly. For example, you can be a merchant cash advance provider for the grocery business. Your clients will take you seriously if you have some specialty. That said, don't be a merchant cash advance provider for everyone, choose a niche, and grow.

Chances are if you are a merchant who doesn’t even know their target customer, you will not be able know whether you meet their needs or not. Success in any business depends on whether you are meeting a customer’s needs and desires. You have to know your main customer in the following ways:

  • What they want

  • Where they live

  • What they can afford

Targeting your customers is defining who your customers are. The market that target should be measurable, sufficient for you, and reachable

For example:

A merchant’s target of mid-sized and small firms is not what we consider a measurable target. However, if the target market is within a 40 mile radius, with an annual revenue of $5 to $10 million and they are in need of  cash advance loans is a clear definition.

If you have a well-defined target market, then you will have a market that will sustain your business on an ongoing basis.

Improve Your Content Marketing

Content marketing will cost you less. All you need is first to identify your target market, find out their desires, goals, fears, and frustration, and come up with keywords they use to describe their situation. You can even go further by using various keyword research tools like aHref and Semrush, to find the keywords your clients are using to find information on the internet.

Once you have a good list of keywords, all you can do is create a blog or Youtube channel where you will publish your content and share it with your clients. The more content you share, the more you will attract organic traffic.

You can monetize this traffic on your website by creating a lead magnet on your website. If someone wants more information about your services, all they need is to give you their email address to get the information. When creating a lead magnet, make sure that the bribe you are going to create is something that helps your client immediately.

After creating content, the next thing you can do is share your links on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sites

Optimize Your Content

Having a great website or blog with excellent content is not enough. The content has to be optimized for the right audience. That’s because 97% of customers start their search on the internet or from a local business directory. 

When we say optimization, we mean that your content has to be found on the internet and local business directory like Yelp.  So here are the ways you can optimize your content:

  • Search Engine Friendly URL

In 2008, Google’s Engineer Matt Cutts in an interview with Stephan Spencer told him a 3 to 5 word URL is optimal. In other words, Google places more weight on less words. That said, it is important to take note that a clean, search engine friendly URL structure is important for search engine ranking.

  • Optimized Title Tag

The title tag plays an important role in on-page SEO. The first thing you need to do is optimize the title tag of your main keyword. If possible make sure the main keyword starts at the title tag and make sure it is under 60 characters. A perfect optimized title tag will look something like this:

<title> MCA lead Generation Guide| What to know</title>

In that example, we are using the main keyword  at the start and the following with variations and modifiers that can help us boost our click-through rate (CTR)?

  • Optimized Meta Description

Meta tag descriptions are an important element when it comes to optimization although Google doesn’t pay much attention to them today. Perhaps you are wondering if Google doesn’t pay attention to meta tag description why we are optimizing them.

To improve our click-through rate (CTR).

A meta description is simply a visible description which Google uses to show content in the search engine results page. A well-written meta tag description is the difference between your website getting clicks or not. 

Besides that, it is widely known that CTRs are a ranking factor which Google uses to reward websites with a lot of ranking and search traffic. That said, it is important for you to optimize your meta tag description. Ensue that you have at least 160 characters or less. That way, Google won’t truncate your description.

Finally, while you write the meta tag make sure that you include the main keyword in the description with a good call to action.

Incorporate Call-to-action Activity

Any content that you publish either on social media or blogs must have instructions on what kind of actions you want your followers to take. The call to action can include liking, sharing, or simply asking your visitor to contact you for further information. You will need to state that clearly.

Business owners are going to take action on your website if you write the right words. Excellent wording will make people act on what you say. To make this happen, you need to:

  • Use action words

  • Create urgency 

  • Create scarcity

  • Minimize risk

  • Focus on value to the client

  • Get personal

  • Foster curiosity and anticipation

  • Avoid friction words

  • Show benefits and social proof

So where can you place the call-to-action?

At the Start of a Page. A CTA placed at the top of the page will attract visitors even before they have a chance to read your content

After a Blog Post. You can place the CTA at the end of the blog post to promote an offer or invite the reader to subscribe or get more information about your offers. People that read a whole article, will usually have some interest in getting similar content if they like your information.

Welcome gate. A welcome gate is a big lead page that invites people to subscribe. You can only use this form of CTA if you have lots of traffic coming to your website.

Do the Follow Up

A lot of business owners think they have a robust follow-up system in their sales pipeline, which is not true. To speed up your lead generation effort, you need a follow-up plan. The more you follow-up, the more you increase your chances of getting the lead. 

A solid follow-up system starts from the day a business owner reaches out to you,  putting them in the contact database, subscribing to the newsletter, sending special offers to them, up to the time they contact you by phone or email to inquire about the price or service. Each stage in the process must add value to the client.

Ask for Referrals

Chances are you have customers who you have serviced in the past, and they trust you because you exceeded their expectations. Such kinds of customers will give you good referrals from their circles if you ask them.

That said, any time you have exceeded the expectation of a customer, and they are satisfied, never forget to ask for referrals when the opportunity is there. The satisfied business owners will refer you to other businesses that may want a credible merchant cash advance company.

Ask for Reviews

Like we have said, before anyone buys anything from you, they will want to know what people say about you. They will go to your Facebook fan page to see what people are saying about you. Or they will go to Yelp or Google reviews. If you want to build a review of a satisfied customer, all you need to do is to ask your customer to share opinions about your services on social media. If you want to learn more about merchant cash advance lead generation, you can contact us. That way, we can show you the way forward on how you will generate these leads. Here at Lead Junction, we use a solid strategy to generate merchant cash advance leads for you.

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