How To Generate Leads Using Email

email leads
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By Pratik H

email leads

Email marketing is not dead. According to Experian, $1 invested in email marketing yields $44.25 in returns. This works if you know how to generate leads using email in the right away. The opposite can also be true if you don't know how to use Email the right away. Since 90 billion emails are sent daily to meet business goals, there's no doubt this number will ever drop. That said, you need to find a better way of generating email leads. The days of sending email blasts to a list that hardly know you are over. With such practices, your ISP can be blocked or prohibited from sending unsolicited emails to random people who don't know you.

Instead of doing that, we will show you how intelligent marketers build leads and get prospects using emails. Are you ready? Let’s dive right in.

#1 – Get Permission From Visitors

If you are starting, the first thing you need is to ask permission from your audience to market to them. No one likes receiving unsolicited emails from strangers, it is spamming and your ISP can be blocked. What you need to do is ask them to fill the lead form on your blog or landing page. That will allow you to keep their email address and send them promotional offers. If they give you their name and permission, then they have accepted to be in touch with you. That's a good sign of future sales.

# 2 – Create Special Offer for Them

No one will give you their email address if you don’t have special offers to give them. Worse still, if you have the same information, no one will be bothered to open and read your email. They will just go to delete or spam.

For your email marketing to be effective, first you need to study your target audience and find out what desires and frustrations they have. Then, you need to create offers that either helps them achieve their goals or solve the problems they have. That way, people will listen to you and will be looking forward to receiving your email.

# 3 – Address them Using their Name

Every target audience in your email list must feel like you are addressing him or her personally. That said, you must personalize your emails. You do that by using their name. While this will sound sensible, you might not achieve your end goals. Many marketing experts agree that too much familiarity may sound fake. What you can do in this case is to make sure that your content helps them achieve their goals and solves their frustration.

#4: Segmenting Your Emails

If you have been doing email marketing for a very long time, you will realize that most of your subscribers may not be on the same journey. That said, you need to segment your subscribers according to their interests or behaviors. That way, you will understand the group that needs more information and the group that is ready to buy your product or services.

Segmentation also makes it easier for you to send only relevant content to different groups of subscribers. You can track your subscribers' behaviors by open rates, clicks, or sales. Other things you can track include, when subscribers signed up, which links subscribers clicked in an email or the kind of action on your landing page.

#5: Create Three Offers for Your Subscribers

The number one problem with retail shops is having too many products that they don't promote. When online retail shops do email marketing, they add lots of products. The bad news is, people can't buy all the products. It will just confuse them more. The poor attention span we have today is enough to deter someone from buying the products.  If you want to solve this problem, make sure you include three offers per message. More products will just confuse customers.

# 6 Create A Weekly Newsletter

Having a weekly newsletter will improve the results of your leads. Even when you are not in the news business, sending a newsletter related to your industry will get you lots of leads and sales. With a weekly newsletter you will achieve two things:

  • You will be recognized as the voice of your industry

  • Customers will remember your brand and reputation in the industry

#7 Make sure the basics are covered:

For your email campaign to work, you have to get the basics right. The basics things you have to get them right  include:

The Subject Line- The subject line has to be strong and engaging. Best of all, you need to avoid anything spammy. As a marketer, you also need to analyze the performance of the subject line with your customers. Things that you can test include a short subject line versus a long subject line. You can also improve how the subject line appears on your mobile phone.

The Content – Email content should be relevant to your audience. Each mail you send must have eye-catching images that are relevant to the message you have. As a marketer, you can carry out split testing to test email content and to see which one performs the best.

The CTA – Email should have a call to action. At the end of each email, you need to ask yourself what kind of action do you want the reader to take. The CTA should be clear and never distract the user from what you want him or her to do.

#8:  Linking to a Landing Page

One of the things most entrepreneurs forget is linking their email marketing to a landing page. What they do mostly is linked to a website or blog. Linking your email to a landing page can trigger conversions. One the other hand, when customers are directed to a blog post or article, they will be distracted which may not help you make the sales and conversions you need. Worse still, the customers may get distracted and they may not get the products or services they want. If you want to avoid this problem, make sure you guide customers to the checkout.

The Bottom Line

With these 8 ways, you will be in a position to generate leads from your email marketing campaign easily. If there’s one thing you need to remember is first understand your audience, their interests, goals, problems, and desires. Then you can tailor your content and create offers that will appeal to them.

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