How to Drive Instagram Leads

Instagram leads
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By Pratik H

Instagram leads

Have you always wanted to generate leads using Instagram? It is the dream of every aspiring entrepreneur to have more leads and sales.

That way, their business can grow and expand. The success of your business does not depend on using only one platform. The success depends on you taking full advantage of every platform and using them to generate leads.

It is 2020 and most businesses still don't use Instagram to drive leads and sales. In this article, we look at ways entrepreneurs can use Instagram to drive leads and sales to their business. Let's dive right in.

#1: Optimize your Instagram bio to attract leads

Brands have a big challenge using Instagram to generate leads. Unlike Facebook, Instagram won't allow you to add clickable links to your post or comments. The only link you can add on your Instagram is found on your profile bio page.

Since Instagram gives you only the bio to add your links, you need to use it well. The first thing is to create a compelling bio with three elements:

  1. The content

  2. The link

  3. The profile image

The bio content is important because you can use it to drive leads. All you need is to make your content relevant and enticing. 

For example, you can use something like,” Get Our Car Insurance Quote.” The bio link is important because it allows visitors to find you and optimize the clicks.

#2: Create and share great content

The second biggest challenge a business faces with Instagram is creating relevant content for their fans. It is not easy to come up with great content unless you have a super creative team.

Before you start creating content, you first need to know your customers or clients. You need to identify their biggest challenge, their biggest fears, their biggest frustration, their biggest goals or perhaps what keeps them awake at night.

The content that works well for Instagram includes caption images, inspirational, motivational, and thought-provoking posts. It is so easy to create quotes using a tool like a word swag. All you need is to add text and fonts on the image and you are ready to go.

Content that helps one feel good also performs well on Instagram. If you have read content from Nonprofit organizations on Instagram you will notice that they attract lots of people because they make them feel good.

#3: Engage and promote

The main purpose of social media is to engage and keep in touch with your friends. Instagram will only give you the leads you want if you can keep its audience engaged.

One way to engage with your audience is to reply to every comment they make. Don’t be the person that throws out canned comments like, ‘’thank you” and forget.

Take your time and dig deeper so that you give thoughtful responses to their comments. That way, you will encourage them to always reply to your post and even ask you questions.

Engaging with your audience also builds trust and credibility with time. That said, we don’t mean now that you have to create long paragraphs. Share only what will add value to the user. Ways to do this:

  • Use emojis

  • Share related images

  • Reply with a funny GIF

  • Ask a follow-up question

#4. Share User-Generated Content

A lot of brands prefer to share their content on Instagram which is great. But did you know that user-generated content can amplify your brand and even generate more leads to your business?

Let me explain?

User-generated content is content that comes from your fans. Think of it as unpaid content. User-generated content makes it easier for people to trust your product or service. 

This is because people will trust what other people tell them about your company, product, or service online. That explains why people will first search for reviews about your business before seeking your services.

What that means is, if you have user-generated content on your Instagram page, you are ahead of your competition. Instagram is a great platform for creating user-generated content to build social proof or engagement.

#5. Go Instagram Live

Video content is great because it builds trust and credibility which increases leads. Using Instagram live features you can create live videos that will show up in your stories and viewers.

With live videos, you will be interacting with your followers in real-time. Instagram videos have a sense of urgency, once they’re gone, they’re gone. You can’t watch it later.

When you are about to go live on Instagram, your followers will get a notification and they will hoop on Instagram to watch you deliver content. Since Instagram video content can't be saved, you can only promote it in the moment content such as:

  • Big announcements

  • New product teasers

  • Sneak peeks

  • Social contests

  • Live Q&A

If you want to generate leads from live videos make sure you include a call to action to motivate people to act quickly.

#6. Make Use of Instagram Stories

Instagram has lots of influencers in different industries that you can partner with them. Influencers work well with Instagram stories. The way to partner with a person is in the form of account takeovers.

Here an influencer will take over the company's Instagram account for a specified period. During this period, the influencer will create content and post things that relate to the brand. 

That way, the content will also reach their audiences. Besides that, you can also utilize the organic story that disappears every 24hours.

#7. Tease On-Site Content

It is no secret that teasing on-site content can drive traffic and leads to your business. You can begin by creating a cool and clever Instagram post of different products and services you have.

Before you do that, you will have to make sure you have an excellent landing page for your site. Using this landing page, you will get Instagram traffic and leads. The landing page has to relate to what you posted on Instagram and motivate customers to give their email address or purchase something from you.

With these 7 tips, you will be in a position to drive leads using Instagram. If you would like us to help you, you can contact us right away.

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