How Live Transfer Leads Can Boost MCA Lead Generation Effort

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By Pratik H

By now, you know the benefit of lead generation to your merchant cash advance business. Perhaps you have used other methods of generating leads such as social media marketing, web forms, surveys, or running paid ads.

And in one way or another, you have seen results. But did you know that there's another avenue of generating leads that can increase the sales and your client base?

We are talking of Live Chat Transfer leads or Live call transfer feeds. In Live transfer leads, the chats or calls are transferred to the sales agent in your company who will talk with the client. 

These types of leads are highly-targeted than online leads, and the person is more interested in buying your services. In other words, these are pre-sold leads that need a little bit of push before they shell out their cash.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let's look at:

Why Live Transfer Leads are Better than Online Leads

If you have tried other methods of lead generation, you will notice that most of them are time-consuming. Sometimes, you may need to be a real expert to get the results of what you want.

Chances are, if you are not good at it, you may want to hire a professional to help you, which is too expensive. 

Take an example of cold calling. Cold calling as a method of lead generation is an inefficient and time-consuming activity. But do you know what's worse about cold calling? The average success rate is 1% to 3%. In other words, the conversion rate will be low if you have a sales team that doesn't know how to close the client. Let's look at the benefit of live transfer leads.

You Strike While The Iron Is Hot

The biggest challenge about the traditional way of qualifying a lead is they will stay with that lead before they become hot or even warm. In other words, it is a journey or stage that the lead has to move through before they also qualify to do business with you.

As you can see, this is a waste of time, which you may not even have. If you have a dedicated team working on these leads, by the time your team reaches these leads, they will have become cold.

Since there’s a lot of distractions, trials, and tribulations, the lead will have changed their mind or switched to another business before you even get the chance to speak to them. With transfer leads, these leads are directed to your sales team in real-time because they are hot or show great interest. And all you have to do is for your sales team to close them.

In other words, your sales team will have an easier time selling these leads. This is different from the leads which have to go through a process before they can even be qualified.

Guaranteed Interest

One thing about this type of leads is they have an interest in working with you, or they want to know how your product or service can help them. What you have to understand is that these leads are in the right frame of mind to work with you and are open to buying your services.

When contacted, the first thing your sales team has to do is fact-finding. They need to identify their needs and show them how your services will help them meet the needs they have. In other words, a live transfer lead will work well if you have a strong sales team in place that can close them immediately.

Saves More Time for What Matters

The beauty of having live transfer leads is that your team does not go through the process of qualifying your clients. Nor do they have to sort every lead to know at which stage of the sales process someone is. 

Your team will now have one single job. To close the clients and make sales. The thing is, sales and marketing can be a huge burden if you are not doing the right thing. And the primary purpose of live transfer leads is to save you and your team that frustration and time. In other words, your time will be spent on activities that increase sales and revenues.

Prequalified Warm Leads

If there's one thing we all hate in the process of lead generation is the process of filtering individuals who may not qualify for our services to have a strong list of potential clients.

The process requires patience, which many of us may not have, especially when it is close to the end of the month, and we do not see the sales. Web forms, surveys, and other media are excellent sources for qualifying leads, but no process is better than having a real-time conversation with an interesting prospect.

Other methods of qualifying clients are all passive. With live transfer leads, you already have pre-qualified leads that show a high interest in wanting merchant cash advance.

With other methods of lead generation, it takes a long time for clients to be in the "warm" bucket. By the time your sales team tries to reach them, they have already changed their mind or even become "cold" to the idea of the sales conversation.

When it comes to live lead transfer leads, this is less likely to happen because these leads are already warm to the company's pitch through the call center staff. The pre-conversation is what makes it easier to convert this lead to a sale.

Increases Your Sales

The fact that live transfer lead campaigns will boost your company's sales is an icing to the cake. At Lead Junction, all that we do is run a campaign to find interested clients who may want your service. We qualify them, and then we give them to your sales team. This excellent process will increase your sales conversions and have a high impact on the growth of your company.

How Live Transfer for MCA Leads Work

So what happens here is, the client or business owner who wants cash advance loans is transferred or directed to speak to your agent or sales team. Here’s the process in a nutshell:


STEP 1: The lead will come through the call center that will filter out the client for you. One thing about live chat or call transfer leads is that these transfers are recorded. Through these recordings, one can listen to them and improve the sales process. Since more data is collected through chats or calls, you can manage the sales process and generate even more sales.

STEP 2: The Outbound calls will then be made to the potential lead by the client. These customers will have an interest either in writing or through the call concerning one of your merchant cash advance products or service. 

STEP 3:  After the call center has prequalified and established that the potential client is warm or interested in what you have to offer.  The client is then immediately transferred to one of your specialized agents who may speak to the client. Note: Make sure that you have someone available on the desk so that the client can have better customer experience and be motivated to buy your services.

STEP 4: Once the call has been transferred to your agent, the call center will disconnect, and you guys can have a conversation. Live transfer works that way. 

Live transfer leads will save you lots of time because all the work you have to do is left to the call center.  The call center is now tasked with the job of vetting and qualifying each client to know who is interested and ready to buy. Note that only customers who are in the last stage of the buying cycle are the ones your team will talk to. That way, you will be able to make sales in real-time.

Live Lead Transfer is The Next Big in the MCA Industry

This new method of lead generation will become the next big in the MCA industry domain. That is because statistics say that live transfer leads have a 10 to 15% closing ratio than any other form of online lead generation. No matter how many lead generation strategies you use, quality is going to be a vital aspect of marketing. 

The good news is, live transfer leads entails working with clients who are willing and ready to seek your cash advance services. Since these clients have entered your sales pipeline with patience, you will receive a better conversation rate.

The main goal for any merchant cash advance business is to see the growth in sales. That said, you must have the best business owners possible who are engaged and read to seek loans.

Although it will be unfair for us to dismiss other lead generation strategies, you will have lots of benefits if you include live transfer leads into your sales pipeline. If you would like a lead junction to assist you with this, you can reach us today through our contact form for more information.

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