Effective Solar Panel Marketing Through Lead Generation

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By Pratik H

The solar panel market is not only growing rapidly but also evolving as an industry with adaptations of latest trends happening concurrently. 

Companies which are in the solar business are seeing good times ahead of them but for one very intimidating challenge; the pressure to match demand of solar panel with the supply. 

While there are many people who wish to buy solar panels and other equipment’s, they are unable to reach the right company. Similarly, plenty of solar companies are struggling with a dearth of solar panel leads, rendering all solar panel marketing efforts futile.

This looming gap can be filled by lead generation companies whose core business is generation of quality leads and solar loan leads amongst various others.

Stringent solar lead generation process involves

  • Data collection
  • Verification
  • Scubbing
  • Filtering

Such a robust process ensures that all leads thus gathered are adequately verified and qualified by the quality control team, making it ready for sale. These are some of the methods they use to gather vital information that are then processed into quality solar leads.

Few methods of how solar panel leads are generated

SMS marketing – Bulk messages are sent to target customers with a mention of their website, email and phone number. Of the total messages sent, a certain percentage would respond via one of the following ways; by phone, email or online registration. Prompt follow-up of these prospects could convert them into qualified solar leads.

Telemarketing / Surveys – One of the tried, tested and most effective methods of data collection is through telemarketing, especially in the solar business. Strategic telemarketing on a regular basis paves the way for a continuous pipeline of solar leads. This combined with other marketing techniques can optimize the overall lead generation efficiency. As a solar company, if you can get your provider to customize his telemarketing process to suit your needs then you can rest assured that the solar loan leads thus generated would be of top quality with maximum conversion rate.

Online advertising – With the World Wide Web here to stay and get stronger by the day, advertising online would attract people to register for more information or service. Such registrations usually translate into customers as they are voluntarily sharing their personal information with an intention to be contacted by a solar company.

The above methods of lead generation can be performed in-house by the solar company itself, although it would mean dedicating additional resources and time for the same. Hence it is best procured from a professional who knows his business and is open to working closely with you in realizing your business goals.

Important Tips for Solar lead generation marketing

1) Know Your Search Terms

Part of the beauty of the Internet is the ability to search for exactly what you want, when you want it. Consumers take advantage of this all the time, so it’s important to know what people are searching for when they find your business. 

What do they want, and how can you give it to them in such a way that they’ll choose you over your competitors? Familiarizing yourself with the search habits of potential customers will help you optimize your business website for ranking in organic search or build an effective PPC ad campaign.

2) Monitor User Behaviors

Once people find your site, what are they doing? How many stick around for longer than a few seconds? How many click through from the home page to other pages, and how deeply do they navigate into the site? 

Using an analytics service such as Google Analytics will help you to keep track of this and see which pages are the most popular among potential customers. This way, you’ll know what interests them and be able to use that interest to generate sales.

3) Use Social Media

Just about everyone is on social media these days, and your business should be too. When you establish a Facebook Page, Google+ Page, Twitter account or other social media profile for your business, you have instant access to a wide and varied customer base. 

Some services such as Facebook ads let you target specific users with sidebar banners that catch their attention as they’re checking their social media sites.

4) Offer Quality Content

Status updates and tweets can be hot lead generators, but only if people recognize you as a consistent provider of interesting, quality content. Articles, white papers, e-books and other tangible content pieces generate interest among potential customers and can be targeted to specific markets that relate directly to your business. 

But make sure that what you write is useful and important. If all you offer is fluff, you’ll find your potential leads slipping away.

5) Follow Up

Don’t let the customers you’ve worked so hard to attract forget about you. Make sure to keep a contact list and follow up with people who have expressed interest in purchasing your products or services. People can be easily distracted in the fast-paced world of the Internet. 

But if you make the effort to reach out, customers will keep your business in mind and come to you when they’re ready to buy.

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