Debt Settlement Leads

If you are in the debt ​settlement business, you need to gather as much viable leads, from all categories and demographics as possible. People with credit card debts or customers with small consumer debts, medical debts and more.

But hold your horses! ​​Generating or buying leads isn't that easy.

You have to establish and use different leads gathering methods, tactics and spend a lot of effort and time to gather leads that may or may not be useful to you and your company. But you have no choice, your company relies on leads to be profitable. 

​Our exclusive debt settlement leads will not only make your company more profitable, but they will also let you communicate with a developing customer base.

Leads don’t only mean new customers, but also maintaining a good relationship with your old customers as those are the ones that are providing you with feedback and info that will help you expand further. 

All of this hard work can simply be outsourced to companies abroad that will do the work for you while you stack up your profits!

But...How does it all work?

So, you want to know how the magic happens?

Instead of spending thousands to gather equipment and telemarketers, all you do is hire a call center abroad that is already fully equipped. 

They will set appointments with potential leads, customers all over and even find new leads using new strategies and targeting different demographics. These telemarketers are professional, their sole job is to find you and your agents more leads to target, to be able to make profits off. 

They target groups that may need help paying off their debts, and in today's economy, who doesn’t?

Still...What's so special about ​our ​Debt Settlement Leads?

Well where can one start? The benefits of outsourcing will definitely get any company owner interested in a matter of seconds, outsourcing will save you money, time, effort and will basically remove a whole department that is costing you a lot of money and not being so efficient.

Here are some of the benefits of ​our debt leads

  • You don’t have to go through the fuss of the recruitment process plus providing salaries and insurance and follow a dozen regulation while going through hundreds of interviews! Why go through all of that fuss when you can hire those telemarketers abroad that will cost you less and not require any recruitment benefits from you?
  • One thing you don’t want to be happening is your staff cold calling the same recycled leads over and over again without trying hard enough to find new leads that may boost the company’s performance. Outsources will provide Leads Junction with leads containing only interested parties with people that are ready to clear their debts using your help, and do business.
  • Telemarketers at Leads Junction are qualified in this field, they are all experienced with passion and a personality to attract customers and set appointments leaving the easy work for your agents to land a deal with them! Giving you access to strong international capabilities to do business on different shores and expand.
  • We will let your company focus more on developing new ideas and increase their chance convince their customer to do business with them instead of spending half your time and plenty of the company’s resources to produce leads, leaving your employees doing a job they aren’t supposed to be doing instead of making deals.
  • We give you access to global talents that are ready to work to seize new local market opportunities, or even give you access to markets you weren’t involved in, keeping you ahead of your competition and ready to expand your company.

Now is the time to take Action!

The leads we will be giving you aren't recycled, they won't be given to anyone else. All your demands will be satisfied the way you would like it to be done. 

Reports, statistics and all the info you need will be available to you. You can trust us to provide top notch service with nothing but a constant flow of new leads. Outsourcing for a fact, is a very successful business model. 

Plenty of companies have taken outsourcing very seriously and started sending over whole departments to India and other countries that may have lower costs of living.

Conclusively, outsourcing is the new age of employment. why hire less skilled for more money when you can do exactly the opposite and minimize risk and costs? Outsourcing is a proven successful business model, there is no denying that. It's benefits outweigh its cons by a ton!

Leads Delivery Options !

Real Time Email Delivery

Our state of art technology allows us to send leads as soon as it is generated on our websites. All our leads are tested for quality before you receive them. Deliveries of the leads are done via email at your desired email address.

Live Transfer Leads 

When it comes to Live Transfer Leads, we are the best in the industry. We have the state of art technology which helps companies delivery high inbound calls to your phones in real time.

Crm Post 

Our state of art technology allows us to send leads as soon as it is generated on our websites. All our leads are tested for quality before you receive them. Deliveries of the leads are done via email at your desired email address.