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Welcome to Leads Junction, where quality meets affordability. If you're in the market to elevate your credit repair business, you've come to the right place. Dive into our diverse range of credit repair leads tailored to fit every need.

Real-Time and Verified Credit Repair Leads

Our cutting-edge system delivers real-time leads straight to your business. Each lead is verified meticulously, ensuring that you receive only genuine prospects eager for credit repair solutions.

All Our Credit Repair Leads Are 100% Exclusive

If you are a buyer and interested in buying leads from external parties, there is a chance that you will end up buying shared leads which are sold multiple times.

Unlike other providers, Leads Junction offers you 100% Exclusive leads, GUARANTEED. Once our lead is delivered to a client we do not sell that lead to any other buyer.

Why Choose Leads Junction for Credit Repair Leads?

  • Best Quality Assured: Every lead, whether real-time, aged, or opt-in, goes through a rigorous verification process.
  • Affordable Options: Whether you're seeking cheap aged leads or are ready to invest in live transfers, we have options tailored to every budget.
  • Expert Support: Our team is on hand to provide support, advice, and insights to optimize your lead acquisition strategy.
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Lead generation is a game of numbers, and the main aim for those leads is to be quality leads of the right demographic so they can be converted to sales. Simply put if there are no good leads, there are no sales.

We have all seen companies that plateaued in growth after a while or even lost money because all their leads have been exhausted. They spend all their money on new lead generation methods that don’t work or are not guaranteed.

How are the leads obtained?

We publish pay-per-click and social media ads via the internet that catches the attention of consumers who are in need of credit repair help to our lead generation websites. 

If the user signifies they possess poor or fair credit our questionnaire asks “Do you need help enhancing your credit rating? If the reply is in the affirmative, that makes it a lead.

How It Works?

We Attract Consumer Interest & Collect Data…

Use Our Patent Pending Technology and Vet Prospects…

Then Forward Them to Your Sales Team to Close the Deal!

Credit Repair Live Transfer Leads

We make outbound phone calls to prospects that have earlier requested help to build up their credit score. We contact them via a live operator, verify their interest, qualify them and send them over to your closures. Call us for more info and current pricing.

There are various kinds of leads for sale. All our leads are 100% exclusive and real time, and we never resell our leads to other buyers. Our exclusive credit repair leads helps attain an increased probability of closing a sale, as a result of no competition.

Leads Delivery Options !

Real Time Email Delivery

Our state of art technology allows us to send leads as soon as it is generated on our websites. All our leads are tested for quality before you receive them. Deliveries of the leads are done via email at your desired email address.

Live Transfer Leads 

When it comes to Live Transfer Leads, we are the best in the industry. We have the state of art technology which helps companies delivery high inbound calls to your phones in real time.

Crm Post 

Our state of art technology allows us to send leads as soon as it is generated on our websites. All our leads are tested for quality before you receive them. Deliveries of the leads are done via email at your desired email address.

How Does Live Transfer Credit Repair Lead Generation Work?

Outsourcing leads is a simple but effective lead generation method; Leads Junction utilizes different methods that only has a sole purpose of generating leads. They are trained telemarketers that use their skills to find the right group/demographic to generate the right leads. 

These are fully equipped call centers with full-time callers that will keep generating leads for your company using different databases and strategies, proving to your agents that not all leads have been exhausted and that there is plenty of fish in the sea. A lot of credit reports alteration victims are looking for a company, that takes care of negatives on their report for the right fee.

Our centers will call people from different zones and places to spread the word on behalf of  your company; they will set appointments with as many potential customers as they can, so the salesperson working for Leads Junction can land a sale and boost the company’s performance and profits.

Our Credit Repair Lead Prices

Pay Per Lead

We offer pay per leads to our clients who is looking for buy leads via email.

Pay Per Call

We charge on only successful live transfer call to your sales team.

Pay Per Acquisition

 Our Pay Per Acquisition pricing depends on your custom requirements.

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