6 Ways of Generating Solar Panels Leads

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By Pratik H

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, 13.5 million homes installed solar power energy in the first quarter of 2019. This is an increase of 13% from 2018. What that means is,  whether you are starting or you are an established business, the industry is just about to soar as more and more people understand the benefit of solar energy.

While solar energy is still new to most people, the biggest challenge solar panel companies face is generating leads and improving their marketing. Solar panel marketing presents the challenge of those who know, who have, and those who don’t have.

To be part of the statistics of solar panel companies that are powering most of the American's homes, you must find effective ways of generating leads. If you have been in the industry for long enough, you will notice that some proven marketing tactics can help you generate quick leads. 

In this article, we want to go through each of those marketing tactics that you can implement today to generate these leads. Okay, let’s start:

1. Come up With industry-specific Solar Marketing Ideas

If you look at the energy statistics, you will see that solar panel energy is on the rise as an alternative source of energy. Best of all, governments in different countries are formulating policies to ensure the demand for solar energy continues to rise.

For instance, if environmental concerns are a major factor to a customer, they will be inclined to install solar panel energy in their home. Also, the U.S. DoE has a policy that provides incentives to people and organizations who want solar energy on their premises.

While this industry is growing, advertising is becoming the biggest challenge it faces. That is because you can’t simply copy-paste marketing strategies from another industry and use it in the Solar panel industry.

To generate leads, you need to be super specific and address the problems that the average consumer is facing. That way, you will increase the demands of solar panels. Unless a customer sees that he or she needs it, they may not buy it. In other words, create an industry-specific marketing strategy.

2. Make Sure Your Companies Passes the Chasm

Solar power energy has two types of customers:

  • Those who saw the benefit of installing solar panels

  • Those who referred by people who installed solar panel

At the moment, the mass adoption of solar panels is still a pipe dream because we are between two stages--the start of adoption and the mass adoption. A report released by Geoffrey Moore calls this stage the “crossing the chasm”.

The “Chasm” stage is a challenging time for most solar panel marketers because it emphasizes on the mass adoption. That said,  marketers have to work twice as hard to generate leads. Most importantly, they have to ensure their message is reaching the right kind of people most of the time.

3. Have A Strong Referral System in Place

The Solar industry has survived because of having a strong referral system. It starts with your neighbor installing a solar system, you chat with them a little. The next thing you know, they are doing their research online to find out more about the company that sold you the solar panel.


That said if you want to benefit from this ensure you have excellent reviews from your past clients or customers displayed on your homepage, social media, and Google. That way, when someone reads them, they get motivated to buy solar panels from you.

The second thing your company can do is to ensure it has a strong link building strategy in place. If your company can get links from authoritative sources, it can increase your credibility. These two strategies are similar to word of mouth and they work like charm in solar marketing

4. Educate Your Customers Over Constant Advertising

It is the 21st century and no one wants to be bombarded with advertising. According to Hubspot, people are likely to leave your website because of annoying pop-up advertising.

Here's what you need to do next. Instead of slapping people with advertisements, give them meaningful content will educate and drive them to install solar panels in their homes and offices. Create a content calendar that will address people's needs, problems, desires, and goals. Great content will be an asset for your business because it will continue generating traffic and engaging people who want to learn more about your business. If you are not good with content curation, you can hire a content strategist and some few writers who will have the goal of educating your client.

5. Use Video to Build Trust

Video marketing works like a charm. Think of videos like meeting a doctor before they can treat you. The beautiful thing about video content is they can build your credibility and trust quickly. The things that you can showcase in the video are new sites, happy clients, and your company's success stories. Showing videos will tell your customers that you are a trustworthy supplier with a successful track record.

6. Hire an SEO firm

SEO is important in digital marketing so is getting the right company that increases your Search Engine Results Page(SERP). Make sure the company you hire to do SEO does it thoroughly using ethical means. This is how you know SEO works for you:

  • When you hit page one, any marketing strategies you put in place will solidify your position.

  • At least 70% to 80% of people will skip ads and go for organic results.

  • When you attain position one, Google and people will see you as an authoritative source which makes people link to you. That way, you will increase the number of leads and traffic of your site.

While having an SEO strategy is a good idea, it takes time. This is a long-term ROI your business will reap in the years to come when you have the right time.

Even as you follow these 6 strategies to the core, there’s one thing you should never do. Never buy leads. The thing, most of these leads are outdated, irrelevant, and have names of people who will never call you. In other words, this is a big trap. But we also have to admit that, there are a few reputable companies that sell genuine leads. If you want such companies, do your research well.

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